[i♥b7] 11:瞬間

I didn’t realize the coincidental colour match until after I pressed the shutter.

就在那一瞬間,造就了這麼一樁(男女主角都毫無自覺的)有趣巧合 :)


攝於 Yaletown,用的是 Pudding Camera 喔!

今日隨機主題:瞬間 | 玩家名單 | 加入挑戰

10:Paradox】其實昨天跟今天有為了這個主題拍了一個 photoshoot,但是後製修了兩天還是沒有抓到想要的那個感覺…與其貼上不滿意的作品還是讓自己曠課一天好了,這樣的心情也是一種矛盾吧

4 則留言

  1. alice wrote:

    好。。。好瀟灑!!!!(真的不是在混吧…. >_> ) XDDD

    才沒有在混!! XDDD
    如果是很混的曠課我就會直接說啦~ (臉皮超厚的這個人)

  2. Marzie wrote:

    I know what you mean!!!
    Feels like there’s an imaginary standard for publishing posts :T
    Not only the writer isn’t satisfied, the reader probably won’t be either.
    Oh, blog miseries! D:
    Getting my iphone4 this weekend! Excited for pudding camera!

    Ohoh marzie 你懂我!!!
    blog miseries indeed! even when there’s only 1 audience who probably doesn’t care, the imaginary expectation is still there.. 030
    and YAY ur getting the phone!!!! :D
    have fun with it!!! I’m in the middle of writing a posts on the iphone apps I like :D hehe!

  3. Clone wrote:

    ohohohoh….I got the same icon as you have here ne :)

    haha yaa I noticed!! I like their emoticons~~ so cute XD

  4. alice wrote:

    lol. I was joking la XD I totally understand.. the invisible standard that we held for ourselves and our blog XDDDD….( I had so many “this post suck..I’m not gonna post it out ) moments in I love blog) XD

    hehehhe yaaa :P 人真是龜毛~