[i♥b7] 7:不可說的秘密

The burden of an untold secret
is like ice upon the heart
chains to your freedom
something that would keep on haunting you
until the day of
redemption, or death


More than once, or twice
you have tried to speak, cleared your throat
and drawn in the long, deep,
and tremulous breath
when sent forth again
would come burdened with the black secret of your soul
— hypocrisy, an inward depravity
and you would armour yourself up
but all the while under the guise of a pretended dream
you are vulnerable.


[圖] Miss Skeleton,讓我聯想到 Pride and Prejudice and Zombies 封面的手工項鍊可是不久前卻太粗魯不小心把它弄斷了嗚嗚

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5 則留言

  1. Marzie wrote:

    miss N changed to poetic format for today! c:
    good change, i like it.

    謝謝 marziee!
    pretending to be poetic killed at least 10 million brain cells for me 怎麼辦 TxT

  2. Bwahahaha wrote:


    when did it happen?!

    wuaaa a while ago T_____T
    it’s still fixable tho…I hope T_T

  3. ~nightcat~ wrote:

    呵呵我也很粗魯的啦…. T_T

    but, i guess a lot of ppl have a vulnerable side… it’s just how good you hide it

    being girls/women, we are lucky enough to be allowed to cry in front of ppl, while men might have more burdens than we do – social pressure or their mens’ pride

    about hypocrisy – sometimes it’s a good way to protect yourself, or to hide your scars, while it makes you happier being your true self… but it may be good to find a balance between being yourself and the reality…

    but after all… it’s still an excellent and inspiring poem :)

    哇嗚你讀得好仔細喔, 真是既感動又覺得不好意思………=////=
    thanks la :P

  4. noonmoon wrote:

    do u have a haunting secret your not telling us? haha

    hmmmm… 其實我是大叔? A__A (這好像也不是秘密了)

  5. noonmoon wrote:

    with a mustache :)

    sure, with a goatee too please!