[i♥b6] 23:Fear

It is intrinsic to fear the images of the unseen. It is part of being human.

Leaving the philosophical implications aside, this image above ^ is probably the most terrifying image I could find. Seriously, I’m not even kidding. I still cringe when I look at this post — well okay I cringe at images of spiders too (yes I even lmgtfy’d it instead of directly GOOGLE’ing it just to avoid seeing the thumbnails that would show up on the search page), but then you don’t see spiders everywhere on the internet — like if I see a link called I HEART ANTHROPODS!!1! I probably wouldn’t click it in the first place, thus avoiding the horror.

But xs are different. They are EVERYWHERE. And just like sites that autoplay cheap background music (ahhh the MIDI trauma how I loathe thee), there’s really no way to expect nor to avoid them. They just happen to turn up at the most random places, or on the most important pages that I need to get information from, not to mention how horrifying it is to see them on MY own pages…I’d rather remove the whole thing…In fact seeing this post on my blog is bothering me so much already that I’m wondering if I should hide it in the READMORE tag -__- or simply wish that Day 23 would be over soon so I can flush this post down with a new one!

Anyways, I’m also confused when I see money being made from this…

brokenimage_necklace brokenimage_tshirt

Oh sweet! So as if the (in)famous Broken Image T-shirt ($34.45) wasn’t infuriating enough, now you can get a Broken Image Necklace ($25.00) to go with it too! :D The product description says:

so this necklace just didn’t load.
now you can imagine how great the image would’ve been!

That sounds kinda cute, but then why would anyone wear a reminder of crappy internet service around her neck? Some people commented that this is like a “locket for single-nerds”, so I guess it still serves some practical purpose, as means of shy girls hinting shy boys that they are available, or something…


Anyway, didn’t mean to turn this post into a rant XD It feels kinda weird because I don’t really write stuff in English on my blog, (I just had to because I couldn’t get the Chinese input system to work on my office computer (oi)) so yeah please excuse the grammar and such!

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5 則留言

  1. SL wrote:


    我看到 “X” image 的時候… 然後就 right click.. view image… the same “X” still came up.. then i thought grace linked to “GIF” wrong.. 所以我就自作聰明的rename the url to .JPG.. page not found

    還是很困惑的想說… grace平常不是那麼大意的阿.. 繼續往相看就…


    LOL!!!!! 三八狗你的留言害我大笑了XDDDD
    不曉得會不會只有你有這個反應咧…甚至還改 URL 也太徹底了吧 XD

  2. Showbeddy wrote:

    LOL I right-clicked and viewed-image too. but I didn’t go to the extreme like SL did.

    In any case 看到”X”出現就表示這個網誌在走下坡了阿 (酸)

    XD XD

    Btw I would totally buy that necklace if i am rich.

    (honey, there’s actually a 18-carat diamond on the necklace, just that the server is down right now, but it IS there)

  3. PoncolCroyon wrote:

    I had to refresh the page a few times too. 原來還有這種混法阿*筆記*

    啊哈哈連 jerry 也會被騙到喔! XDD
    還有這哪有混,我上班時為了裁這張圖還跟小畫家奮鬥了很久耶 (還敢說)

  4. charlala wrote:


    hahahha char ur too cute and funny!

  5. Showbeddy wrote:

    強烈懷疑你在騙人氣!! (指)

    唉唷被花現了~~ (遮臉)