o 6:亂步所循.節奏所至

〈攝於 UBCLE Icebreaker


r h y t h m n.

Greek ῥυθμός = “flow”, or in Modern Greek, “style”
1. Pattern of sounds in time
2. Repetition of dominant and subordinate elements within a design.

              若攝影 這
              是影像 將僅是
             與鏡框的 屬於我自己的
              ,律動 節奏主義。


9 則留言

  1. Ivy wrote:

    Grace I am back with intention to return to sapm your blog (too) XDD
    (完了我們兩個lecture都不聽了是不是 – 明明就坐在一起side by side 還努力spam對方的blog)
    (and I realize my spamming rate is way too slow compare to your 0w0|| while I am still on the first message you have aready moved on to another blog XD *炸*)
    這張很帥 0口0 完全看不出來是怎麼照出來的嗚哩

  2. aspasia wrote:

    Grace, 谢谢你的tips。只是我找了半天,也找不到到哪里去turn off the “leave msg after log in”. 我好笨。

    很喜欢你的这张rhytme, 我横看竖看了好一会,怎么有好多数字?很有意思。

  3. wrote:


  4. grace wrote:

    As the themes get harder, your photos get better and more creative.

  5. kwyc wrote:

    這是…..beaker 嗎? 還是 test tube? XD


    可以感覺那些泡泡往上浮的 rhythm~

  6. 小 N wrote:

    謝謝!昨天翻舊照時看到的,就硬凹成是 rhythm XD

    LOL!! 我看我們 comp sci 根本都別聽了啦..每次去上課都淪落成降 XD
    不過今天那個拍攝”秘密”的 idea 真的很棒!(就偷偷前到後面拍一整牌電腦螢幕的畫面 XD hahaha~ or that can be used for 對比.. or any potential future topic lol)(for some reason i kinda feel sorry for ms. dulat now ^^”)

    你 spam 比較久是因為你寫很多嘛!而且還 makes sense grammatically 勒!我 spam 的東西好像根本不是地球語..= =”

    http://aspasiaz.wordpress.com/wp-admin 登入後,
    到 Options -> General -> Users must be registered and logged in to comment

    呵呵,有數字是因為….好我待會把原圖放上來真相就會大白啦!XD (然後大家反應一定是”啊..? 這張照片原來只是這樣而已喔..”)

    icebreaker 耶,LE icebreaker 耶夏竟然不知道羞羞臉!!

    XD hahaha jkjk!

    thanks so much grace! ^^ I agree that the topic is getting harder and harder indeed.. 0w0 (for this one, i actually went to took pix of people swimming and working out in the gym.. but then they didn’t turn out that well, so i just found an old pic from stock instead XD”)

    heheh glad u like it!
    beaker / test tube… karen 是不是 lab 做太多啦?XD

  7. kwyc wrote:

    hahah 我沒有lab啊~

    只是覺得你 lab 因該蠻多的..說不定會想照照 beaker or test tube A__A

    喔喔 原來是 ice breaker 的阿~ 想起來了

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