[i♥b8] 進一步就是退

是不是科技越進步 人就越退步

碰到一個難題 估狗就好了
出勞力好累 設備自動化就好了

藝術一筆一畫都要花功夫研磨 沒關係 Photoshop 複製貼上比較快
沒時間到戶外運動嗎 現在醫術進步到可以用電流刺激穴道肌肉神經讓你躺著減肥

People don’t search for knowledge anymore. The information comes to them instead.

科技繼續快速躍進 而



Somehow it reminds me of this comic from a while ago XD

(or how about knocking?)

照片來源: 舊文【Main Street──她和她的那些故事 (上)(下)


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6 則留言

  1. Lemonni wrote:

    This is exactly what I thought! Look at those capsule coffee machines! Where’s the fun of making espresso now if all you need is a capsule and water?

    Sometimes I wish I was born in the past. really.

    • 小 N wrote:

      ahh I feel you there!! I love the nespresso machine in the office because it’s so convenient for work (only requires 1 button click), but I wouldn’t want one personally for home… because like you said, it took all the fun away! (not to mention the essential 靈魂 of coffee making..)

      有時候在看 19-20 世紀的 films 時會好希望自己是生活在那個時代, 但同時又覺得那時也有好多不方便跟不自由的地方…總之就覺得好矛盾啊

  2. wrote:

    啊 我一開始看到這個題目也是想到科技以文明欸!

  3. kwyc wrote:

    we are heading toward wall-e’s concept… with huge body and puny limbs for any hard work at all QQ